Convalescent care by Dr. Reuter

Combining proven traditional methods based on a holistic approach with the technical resources of modern clinical therapy: this is the passion of Hein Reuter, MD, and his wife Ulrike Reuter, a pharmacist. Download

What we offer

Acupuncture, homeopathy, Axomera® therapy, Endermologie®, Osmolipolysis, medical body and beauty care, weight management, dietetics in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Our unique approach

As an initial step, acupuncture opens the way for therapy options which have a deep impact on body, soul and spirit. In two extensive follow-up conversations we get in touch with the underlying structure of the patient’s personality and the roots of his/her disease. This creates  a reliable basis for the use of telemedicine as well as future contacts via email or telephone.


In the very first contact our task is to find out what you wish to achieve with our help and how we can best fulfill your expectations. We need your diagnosis and other medical findings (in German or English) and your completed medical history form before we can decide how the convalescent care should proceed.

During the initial discussion we go through your medical history with you. After a check-up we start with the first acupuncture treatment. Daily treatments follow; optionally, we can substitute Axomera® or Endermologie® therapy on two days during the week.

The final discussion will allow us to review the progress made during the convalescent care, including how best to ensure the sustainability of the successes achieved. At this point we will also clear up any remaining questions and schedule our next phone conversation. 

Our team

Dr. Hein Reuter

Ulrike Reuter, pharmacist

Andrea Kettler, dietician/office manager